Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Buhari Nigerians Still Believe in You

The recent attacks by Boko Haram insurgents have kept many wondering whether their votes casted for CHANGE was waste. While those in the opposition have been rejoicing about some events that has taken place since this administration took over.

Many have been asking for him to name is cabinet and ministers. I understand the background of this as many have over the years come to see Nigerian government as a power sharing platform where everyone comes to the table and take their own share.  But sorry for some of you its no longer business as usual. The last administration, many ministers were just figure heads and the president doesn't want it so.  He will name his cabinet at the appropriate time.

As to what have changed since he took over, recently there are massive recruitment exercise advertised by various institutions in the country. I must confess that through out my stay in the University, lecturing jobs are hardly advertised we only come to school to see a new lecturer. But it's no longer so. Recently, dead institutions are naturally revived. A dormant EFCC now at least arrest people and people are afraid to steal unlike before.

The outcry and criticisms currently noticed are expected but larger chunk of those who have irrationally started this criticism are from the opposition or were those who were shaky in their support of PMB but ended up just voting for him. Those who know and strongly believe in PMB knows that BH are in for the shock of their life. To these ones (me inclusive) their believe can never be shaken. Though, it is disheartening to hear series of bombing lately, but the end is near for BH

We understand President Buhari wants to employ a different approach to tackle this problem, and as such a little time will be taken to perfect plans. Like in any war situation, effective plans wins the war. Like in many American movies the actor is usually beaten but in the end he carries the day. Like the 2015 presidential election, the postponement was a temporary setback but Buhari still won the election.
Bokoharam is currently doing "initial gra gra"  but baba will still win.

Princewill Chimereze.

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